Protect Our Refs!

BAYS has a Zero Tolerance Policy that everyone agrees to abide by when you register your child. In an effort to provide a less intimidating environment for our referees (especially our HS age refs) we are going to enforce this policy more strictly. We are running out of referees, so we want them to enjoy the experience. As everyone is aware as part of the Zero Tolerance Policy, you are not allowed to address the referees or question their calls. They are trying their best and are not trying to make mistakes but they probably will, just like all the players do.  It is not an easy job and is made harder by people shouting at them from the sidelines.  Quite a few of our refs are MYS players themselves, or came up in the MYS program.


As on our efforts to protect our refs, we are implementing a new lollipop initiative. If you are not following zero tolerance, or are close to abusing it you will be given a lollipop.  That will be an indication that you need to quiet down and enjoy the game. Cheer for your child and their team.  But don’t say anything to the officials.  Getting a lollipop should not be seen as a treat but as a warning to change your behavior.


If you cannot change you run the risk of being banned from the sidelines.  Don’t be that parent.  Enjoy watching your child play, cheer them on.  Let the kids play, the coaches coach and the referees run the game.


Please note that we are always looking for volunteers so if you would like to coach or referee then speak up and we can make that happen.


Let’s enjoy the season and allow everyone to have fun out there.


Andy Lucas (Referee coordinator-MYS)