Field Status Process

The goal is to make sure the fields are safe for the players and that the fields won’t get damaged. Once they are damaged they will stay that way for the season.


Weekdays - the fields are checked as necessary and the status is updated on the website by 3pm. If the weather turns bad after that or there are puddles on your field please stay out of those areas, move practice to another area or cancel practice.


Weekends - The fields are checked and the website updated by 7am for all games before 12:00. For games after 12:00 the fields will be checked and the website updated by 11am. If field conditions worsen the referee can deem the field unplayable. Also MYS Board members may also close a field or move games to another field if necessary at any point.


The City can close any of the fields at any time.  If they notify us of closures before the times mentioned above we will just update the website. If their notification comes after those times we will update the site but will also email the teams scheduled.