Sportsmanship Message

Sportsmanship Message


Good morning, everyone... Just wanted to share a simple message this morning about sportsmanship. All of our travel teams play in the Boston Area Youth Soccer league, or BAYS. Over the last few seasons, BAYS has witnessed an increase in the overall level of hostility and disrespect during some BAYS games. Especially concerning are incidents of racially-charged, offensive, hurtful, and inappropriate language/actions. Marlboro Youth Soccer fully supports BAYS' efforts to improve the game environment by emphasizing RESPECT for each other, our opponents, and the referees.


Marlboro Youth Soccer expects the highest standards of sportsmanship from each of you.


Players, coaches, parents, fans, and officials should be positive and respectful.


Discrimination, criticism, or hurtful comments or actions of any kind have no place here.


Enjoy the game, have fun, and show respect for each other.


Brian DuPont - President
Marlboro Youth Soccer