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New Age Groups

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to let you know about some changes to the age groups that will be used in the fall as well as the changes to the number of players on a team.

US Youth Soccer has decided to mandate that all youth soccer programs adopt the International (FIFA) standard age groups.  Those age groups are based on the year that the player is born (all players born in 2000 are in the same age group no matter which month they are born).  In Massachusetts, we have been using a year and month method (1/1/2000-7/31/2000 is one age group and 8/1/2000-12/31/2000 is a different age group).  Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA) and the leagues (like BAYS, that we participate in) have been discussing how best to implement this change while not disrupting teams and the fundamental principle of youth soccer, having fun with your friends.

They have decided that all club programs and leagues will adhere to the age requirements as mandated.  Those of you that play on club teams will start to see some roster changes based on the age group changes.  For the town programs, they have added the player’s grade into the criteria.  So starting this fall the age groups will be a combination of age and grade.  They have also decided to change the names of the groupings to grades.  In the chart below you will see the new groupings and the criteria.

Born in

Grade in the Fall

New Age Group

1998 or later

12th Grade and Lower

12th Grade

1999 or later

11th Grade and Lower

11th Grade

2000 or later

10th Grade and Lower

10th Grade

2001 or later

9th Grade and Lower

9th Grade

2002 or later

8th Grade and Lower

8th Grade

2003 or later

7th Grade and Lower

7th Grade

2004 or later

6th Grade and Lower

6th Grade

2005 or later

5th Grade and Lower

5th Grade

2006 or later

4th Grade and Lower

4th Grade

2007 or later

3th Grade and Lower

3rd Grade

2008 or later

2nd Grade and Lower 

2nd Grade

2009 or later

1st Grade and Lower 

1st Grade

2010 or later

KG and Lower 


2011 or later

Pre-School and Lower 


The way to use this chart to determine your child’s age group in the fall is to use the year they were born (for example 2000) look at that row and then move to the Grade column if their grade in the fall is that row (or below ie 9th) then they are that grade (in this case 10th grade).  If they will be in the 11th grade then they will be in the 11th grade age group.

We are updating the registration programs, policies and procedures to accommodate these new groups.  Please be patient as we work through this process and the inevitable bumps.

by posted 05/17/2016
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