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MYS Important Update -- Must Read --
Hi Everyone, Every year we send out emails, post information on...
Tryouts and Fall Registration
Tryouts Registration for the fall team placement tryouts is now...
New Age Groups
Hi Everyone, We wanted to let you know about some changes to the...
MYS Goalie Clinic
  MYS Families,  We will be offering a goalie clinic,...
MYS Important Update -- Must Read --

Hi Everyone,

Every year we send out emails, post information on the website about the Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP) and you as part of registering for the season agreed to the MYS Code of Conduct (included below) which basically states cheer for your child and their team but don't try to coach or referee the games.

Everyone should read the Zero Tolerance Policy and let me know if you have any questions because everyone will be held accountable for their actions and adherence to the policy ( click here to view policy).

In the past couple of weeks we had 2 violations of the ZTP policy.  One was by a coach and spectators and the other was by a different group of spectators.  We’ve also had a player thrown out of a game for contact with another player and a player striking another player at a clinic.

We will not tolerate any more violations of the Policies by players, coaches or spectators.  Striking another player is never acceptable and will be dealt with very severly. 

Please remember youth soccer is about development, winning means absolutely nothing.

We will have people monitoring the fields to assist the referees, if necessary.  If there are any issues, the game will be stopped until the offending person is dealt with.  Spectators - don’t think you can hide as part of the group.  If we can not identify which person is speaking out, the whole crowd will be asked to leave the field.  I’m guessing the group will then point out the appropriate person.  If the person or people violating the policy will not leave the field, the game will be abandoned and will not be made up.
Without referees there can be no games.  Do you really think our young referees are going to want to continue when they show up and some adult is yelling at them?  Do you think our adult referees enjoy taking time out of their weekend to be yelled at by a group of people that don’t know the rules?  Clearly the answer to both questions is NO.
Our Referees are all trained, have the appropriate license for the level of the game and receive mentoring and feedback from Ralph, Pascal and myself.  No one else should speak to them.  Will they make mistakes or not see something, sure (even the best in the world made mistakes at the World Cup) but yelling at them is not the answer.
If I need to ban someone from the fields or remove your child from the program as much as I would hate to do it I will.
I’m also asking you all to watch a video that was brought to my attention by Buzz Hooker (MYS Coach) it is a good example of inappropriate behavior and the result.  The video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r0qGeADPzAs

Read the policies, understand them and follow them,
Adam Matthews
Marlboro Youth Soccer


Code of Conduct

  • Through submitting the membership application for my child, I also am a member of the Club, and am therefore subject to the Club's rules, and to the rules and regulations of the organizations to which the Club belongs.
  • My child plays soccer for his or her benefit, not mine.
  • I will not give instructions to players -- that is the coach's role.
  • I will never question the referee's judgment, integrity or honesty.
  • I will support all efforts to eliminate verbal and physical abuse from the game of soccer.
  • At all times I will show respect for the players, the coaching team, referees, and opposing players and coaches.
  • I will teach my child that doing one's best is as important as winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game.
  • I will make my child feel like a winner by offering praise for competing fairly and doing their best.
  • I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  • Children learn by example. I will applaud good plays by both my child's team and their opponents.
  • I will make sure that my child arrives for practices and games at the time designated by the coach.
  • I realize that the team can be penalized for my behavior. I will obey a request by a referee or from the team's coach to leave the vicinity of the field.


by posted 05/24/2016
Tryouts and Fall Registration


Registration for the fall team placement tryouts is now open.  If you are planning on playing MYS soccer in the fall, you MUST attend tryouts. It’s preferable that you attend both sessions for your age group but absolutely necessary that you attend one.

All tryouts will be held at Ghiloni from 6pm-8pm on the following dates:

  • Grade 3 and Grade 4 Boys and Girls: Monday, May 23rd & Tuesday, June 7th
  • Grade 5 and Grade 6 Boys and Girls: Tuesday, May 24th & Wednesday, June 8th
  • Grade 7 and Grade 8 Boys and Girls: Wednesday, May 25th & Monday, June 6th

If you are not in one of these age groups starting in the fall, then you will not need to attend any tryouts at this time.

There will be a warm-up at the beginning of the session and then some small sided games.

Please arrive at the fields at least 15 minutes before your session to check in and receive your tryout number.  You should have cleats, shin guards and a drink.

Click here to register


Fall Registration
Fall registration will be opening soon.

by posted 05/18/2016
New Age Groups

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to let you know about some changes to the age groups that will be used in the fall as well as the changes to the number of players on a team.

US Youth Soccer has decided to mandate that all youth soccer programs adopt the International (FIFA) standard age groups.  Those age groups are based on the year that the player is born (all players born in 2000 are in the same age group no matter which month they are born).  In Massachusetts, we have been using a year and month method (1/1/2000-7/31/2000 is one age group and 8/1/2000-12/31/2000 is a different age group).  Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA) and the leagues (like BAYS, that we participate in) have been discussing how best to implement this change while not disrupting teams and the fundamental principle of youth soccer, having fun with your friends.

They have decided that all club programs and leagues will adhere to the age requirements as mandated.  Those of you that play on club teams will start to see some roster changes based on the age group changes.  For the town programs, they have added the player’s grade into the criteria.  So starting this fall the age groups will be a combination of age and grade.  They have also decided to change the names of the groupings to grades.  In the chart below you will see the new groupings and the criteria.

Born in

Grade in the Fall

New Age Group

1998 or later

12th Grade and Lower

12th Grade

1999 or later

11th Grade and Lower

11th Grade

2000 or later

10th Grade and Lower

10th Grade

2001 or later

9th Grade and Lower

9th Grade

2002 or later

8th Grade and Lower

8th Grade

2003 or later

7th Grade and Lower

7th Grade

2004 or later

6th Grade and Lower

6th Grade

2005 or later

5th Grade and Lower

5th Grade

2006 or later

4th Grade and Lower

4th Grade

2007 or later

3th Grade and Lower

3rd Grade

2008 or later

2nd Grade and Lower 

2nd Grade

2009 or later

1st Grade and Lower 

1st Grade

2010 or later

KG and Lower 


2011 or later

Pre-School and Lower 


The way to use this chart to determine your child’s age group in the fall is to use the year they were born (for example 2000) look at that row and then move to the Grade column if their grade in the fall is that row (or below ie 9th) then they are that grade (in this case 10th grade).  If they will be in the 11th grade then they will be in the 11th grade age group.

We are updating the registration programs, policies and procedures to accommodate these new groups.  Please be patient as we work through this process and the inevitable bumps.

by posted 05/17/2016
MYS Goalie Clinic


MYS Families, 

We will be offering a goalie clinic, free to all eligible players.   This clinic will be offered on Sunday May 22nd.   This is a great opportunity for the kids to work on an aspect of the game that our normal practices don't often cover.  The clinic is being held at Ghiloni park and is being run by one of our own past MYS player Jeff Slocomb   Session details are as follows:

1:00 - 2:00 U8-U10  All Players

2:00 - 3:00 U11-U14 Beginner 

3:00 - 4:00 U11 - U14 Advanced 


Hope to see everyone there!


Henry Garcia



by posted 05/12/2016
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